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Miniature Poodles are intelligent, loyal and loving companions. Our dogs are bred for companionship, health and conformation but are also trained to have fun in obedience, agility, rally, tracking or just having fun with toys. Our goal is to improve the breed
and to produce the highest quality dogs possible, whether for companion or show.
We are committed and devoted to this charming and intelligent breed the
Miniature Poodle.

We are located near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, home to the Land of Living Skies.
Our dogs are socialized at classes and have plenty play time with our son, enjoying the great outdoors on our hobby farm. We believe that our dogs should not only be able to complete their Canadian Championship and pass health exams, but also be spoiled rotten. We breed wisely to improve our breeding program in temperament,

I express gratitude from the bottom of my heart for your precious time spent and help. I will always remain to you for such decency.

health and soundness. Our dogs are trained in conformation, obedience and agility, but we do it just for fun, not high scores and are happy knowing our dogs are capable of achieving the goals we set for them.

About The Miniature Poodle:

At one time Poodles were used for retrieving and were considered to be water dogs. It's no small wonder then that even today their texture, conformation and coat pattern tells a discerning dog lover why they were originally bred.

DelfieMiniatures and Toys were bred from the larger Poodles which means you will notice they have the same general characteristics. The Poodle is really active, smart as a whip, solidly-built dog but still manages to exude an air of being refined and genteel.

Well-bred Poodles in all three varieties have rock steady nerves, hardy constitutions and are a genuine joy to train thanks to their intelligence. Poodles generally thinks they are "people" and get a tad miffed if you don't treat them like one. Every Poodle is a totally original character and are the quintessential companion.

We have Cream and White babies Available.
See Puppies page for more details.

July 27th, 2009
Ember is New Can Ch Levenland's Breath of Fire

Aug 12th, 2009
Stryker has pictures on his page.

Ember New Ch
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